Example three: Armed holdup

Generally, these occur in:

  • banks
  • post offices
  • TAB
  • petrol stations
  • shops
  • armoured vehicles

The threat frequently lasts for some minutes and also affects people involved on the sidelines.
Some common immediate reactions are:

  • panic
  • helplessness
  • tearfulness
  • anger
  • confusion

Other typical reactions experienced later are:

  • fear of being alone
  • being easily startled by noises
  • suspicion of new or unusual customers
  • fear of the dark
  • difficulty in leaving your home
  • becoming distressed by television or newspaper articles showing holdups/shootings
  • wanting to change jobs
  • lowered self esteem eg. "I should have done more"
  • thinking the assailant will find you

It is important to remind yourself that these reactions are to be expected given the circumstances. Try talking to a friend or counsellor about your feelings.

Most people experience these feelings to a greater or lesser degree.